What's new in V.0.9.0?

Our White Paper has been significantly modified since the last version, for instance:

  • a re-design of the project with the introduction of log-ion (and dream of LION - a security/utility token)

  • the implementation of a business approach in compliance with the initial project

  • the creation of an executive summary

  • a strengthening of our teams and technologies

  • new sections under the topic "state of the industry" have appeared

  • a redesign of the products section

  • an updated roadmap

  • more readable legal entities

  • ICO and token data updated

  • the introduction of a KYC program

  • Strengthening the legal framework

  • "Webography" updated...

The next version will be the V.1.0.0. This new version will announce the launch of the fundraising campaign. It will be available between October 10th and 15th. In this version, you will find more details on the technologies that will be selected. Tests are in progress with partners such as Neurochain and Block0. We will announce the complete team that is contributing daily and directly to the project. We don't have any ghost advisors! We will also tell you more about the partnership we are negotiating with Handicap International (if it succeeds). You will learn more about the artists who are supporting the OpenJam project...

You will furthermore know more about the legal framework negotiated for the ICO (and around LION project): rules, host State (Luxembourg? Belgium? Estonia?), observer Commissioners, etc...

Finally, we will try to introduce the first rules that would allow the community to be physically present in the project life and the progress of our reflections regarding the possibility of introducing a second security/utility (LION) token, deployed to ensure more stability in trade.The JAM would then fluctuate while LION would remain at a fixed price. The LION could only be purchased with JAM or through an official institution. This project will need to be negotiated. It won't be a new fundraising event!

If you have any comments, suggestions, please do not hesitate. Propose revisions via GitBook or info@techmedev.eu