Our technical roll-out will take place over 3 phases of more or less one year during which we will develop the following tools: the player (already partly developed as MVP), the virtual studio, the sound database, the tipping functions and blockchain links as well as the flow management engine (log-ion).

We would like to work together with the community as effectively as possible on all our developments. Rewards should be provided in return.

We will also select experienced partners for the development of complex solutions such as those using IA resources.

OpenJam Player

OpenJam Player is a music streaming platform in the form of an open-source software, a website and a mobile application. It's a gateway to the OpenJam environment that allows you to listen to music, tip artists, exchange...

OpenJam music DB

This is where we will store all the sounds from the OpenJam world. A database that we hope will be as heterogeneous and valuable as possible over the long term.

OpenJam Tip

This is the result of the economic model chosen by the team for the artists' remuneration. It is a choice given to the listener who should naturally support the people whose work he enjoys. It will be evaluated and improved as needed over time. Our MVP will be useful to promoting it.

OpenJam Studio

OpenJam Studio is a collaborative web sequencer for everyone allowing the creation of music assisted by computer. While being efficient, it should be accessible to all and easy to use. To reach this objective, it will be stepped by level of difficulty.


The heart of the inherited flow management of exchanges within the OpenJam environment (smart contracts, blockchain, cloud...)