KYC Procedures

Read this please!

As part of the Know Your Customer procedure (KYC), anyone wishing to acquire JAM will have to provide techmedev sàrl or Ibox Team sprl with the following minimal details via the dedicated ICO website prior to purchasing JAM:

  • Surname and first name (for private individuals) / company name (for companies)

  • Country of tax residence

  • Address

  • E-mail address

  • Proof of ID

Other additional information may be required at the actual time of registering for the ICO (including but not limited to information on origin of the funds).

Operations will be monitored according to the rules in the State from which the ICO is organised. They will be made available in an annex as required.

We will request the Blok0 company support to set up the KYC scheme.

Techmedev sàrl or its subsidiary company, Ibox Team sprl will be in compliance with the rules prescribed by the competent regulator depending on where the ICO will be issued. Therefore, all token purchasers without any exception, will have to provide the required data as il will be specified. If the rules are not followed, participants may be banned and won't be allowed to take part to the ICO