Executive summary

OpenJam, alliance Music, Innovation & Humans

OpenJam is a newtech-powered ecosystem, developped to serve music creation, rights management, remuneration, music artists... It offers to the actors of the music industry, a dematerialized token to support all their transactions.

Key points

  • OpenJam is a European project, subject to the rules of the union, which proposes a complete and innovative approach focused on the music sector

  • Legal structures in existence for about a year in Luxembourg (techmedev sàrl) and Belgium (Ibox Team sprl), public and transparent

  • A core team fully integrated into the legal structure (shareholder, employee or under contract, partners) - any ghosts!

  • Pre-development project (business, research, network, partnership, development...) carried out with own funds

  • Minimum Viable Product = player + tipping function + PoC Blockchain oriented

  • A team homogeneously distributed on ages and experiences (IT, media, project management, business, music, law...). We have all the skills on board, strengthened by well-chosen partnerships

  • A strong technical team

  • Confirmed partnerships with recognized brands (announced by communication team in September 2018)

  • KYC and transaction control processes (financial auditor)

  • Selection and participation to Fit4Start Luxembourg organised by Luxinnovation

  • Ethics program coached by Handicap International (ongoing negotiation)

Token metrics & valorisation

The hard cap for the OpenJam project is 30M€ (usable by 3 development steps). This number is the estimated budget for the delivery of the first complete milestone (OpenJam music environment and log-ion flow management , included AI research). Token purchasers can decide to exchange their tokens immediately (private sales purchasers must respect their respective lock up periods) or hold them until the applications developed by the team (first step for example).

With time, contents, partnerships, the value of the token should increase. Through its technical partnership, the OpenJam team will do everything possible to list the token on an exchange platform.

ICO Structure:

The circulating supply (post ICO) Jam 585.000.000 max (450 mio invests + 90 mio seed, charity (H.I.) & strategic advisors + 45 mio possible for team and company)

The Total Supply Ever (100% of Jam) 900.000.000

The softcap EUR 4,5M (for a partly developed project)

The hardcap EUR 30M

Token Public Price expected shortly after ICO (December, 2018) EUR 0,1

Emission rate out of discount EUR 0,07

The total amount made available for the ICO purchasers is 50% of the total token allocation. It is split in three parts, one per year's development - first in january 2019