General disclaimer

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JAM does not represent an investment in a security or a financial instrument within the meaning of EU legal rules. JAM confer no direct or indirect right to techmedev or its subsidiaries capital or income, nor does it confer any governance right within companies and project. JAM is not proof of ownership or a right of controling companies, project, services or products. JAM does not grant any right to participate in control over the OpenJam and companies management or decision-making set-up, or over project. JAM is not an electronic currency within the meaning of EU Directive. JAMs are not accepted outside the OpenJam environment and JAM do not have a fixed exchange value equal to the amount delivered at the time of their issue. JAM is not a payment service within the meaning of EU Directive. techmedev or its subsidiaries business does not consist in receiving currencies against the delivery of JAMs. JAM is a cryptographic token used by the OpenJam platform. JAM is a crypto-currency, i.e. an unregulated digital asset issued and controlled by its developers and used and accepted by the members of a given community.

This White Paper does not constitute an offer or an invitation to sell shares, securities or rights belonging to techmedev sàrl or any related or associated company. None of the information or analyses in this White Paper is intended to provide a basis for an investment decision, and no specific investment recommendation is made. Accordingly, this White Paper does not constitute investment advice or an invitation to invest in any security or financial instrument of any nature whatsoever.This White Paper does not constitute or form part of, and should not be construed as, an offer for a sale or subscription, or an invitation to buy or subscribe securities or financial instruments. This White Paper, or any of its component parts, does not constitute the basis for, or should not be used as a basis for, or in connection with, a contract for the sale of securities or financial instruments or a commitment to sell securities or financial instruments of any kind. techmedev sàrl expressly disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising directly or indirectly from a misinterpretation of what an ICO really is.

Participation in the ICO is open to natural or legal persons acting within the scope of their professional activities as well as to any private individual acting on a non-professional basis as a simple consumer benefitting from consumer protection laws within the meaning of EU Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights.

Documents linked to the ICO may not be transmitted or distributed to a “U.S. citizen” or to mail or emailaddresses in the United States of America. It is prohibited to transmit, distribute or reproduce documents linked to the ICO to or for a “U.S. citizen” or within the territories of the United States of America, inwhole or in part.To ensure their eligibility for the purchase of JAMs, buyers expressly declare that they are not a “U.S.citizen” (within the meaning of “Regulation S” of the Securities Act 1933 under U.S. law), that means:

  • any private individual resident in the United States of America

  • any partnership or business organized or established under U.S. law

  • any property of which the executor or administrator is a U.S. citizen

  • any trust of which a proxy is an American citizen

  • any agency or branch of a foreign entity located in the United States of America

  • any non-discretionary account or similar account (other than a trust or property) held by a traderor other trustee for the benefit of or on behalf of a U.S. citizen

  • any discretionary account or similar account (other than a trust or trust) held by a trader or other trustee, that is organized, established or (if a private individual) resident in the United States of America

  • any partnership or company if: -1- it is organized or established under the law of a foreign jurisdiction; and -2- it is formed by a U.S. citizen primarily for the purpose of investing insecurities not listed under the U.S. Securities Act, unless it is organized or established, and owned, by accredited investors who are not private individuals, trusts or properties

The non-observance of these rules involves the exclusive responsibility of those who transgress it.

The rules applying to the JAM could be extended to the LION if it is later developed.