Relation between artists, listeners, and OpenJam

Source of income

We consider the following sources of income

  • A reasonable fee on all transactions generated inside the ecosystem

  • Basic versions will be accessible free to all but monetizing. Just cost enhancements will be available such as exclusive VST, general interface customization, studio customization, early access to sample loops packs etc...

  • OpenJam platform will have its advertising network exclusively promoting music, music events, the latest instruments, tools... and will propose exclusive offers to our coin owners notably on the trade place

  • Integrated purchases will also be possible as needed and requested

  • A reasonable fee relating to the purchase and/or the sale of services such as merchandising, graphics, mastering, management, administrative secretariat, etc....

  • Rental of promotional space for the promotion of artists on the platform

  • And perhaps other possibilities according to the developments to come but still in the state of mind of fair remuneration

Trade place

In order to offer a platform that meets the maximum needs of this ecosystem, a market will be accessible from the artist's profile where fans can find his merchandising, tickets, vinyls, voices, acapellas, lyrics, sheet music...

But it will also offer a specialized search function, for experienced users and artists needing to connect for services such as graphic design, mastering, promotion, setting up specific merchandising, music production tender, etc...

Listeners will also be able to use their tokens to support artists in achieving the end of their creations - music cownfunding

All this will be done through the exchange of tokens.

Rely on OpenJam

OpenJam is a European project that will strictly apply current norms, including the GDPR standard.

We are also advised by law firms depending on our needs

Benefits of open-source vision

Over three-quarters of companies today use open source software somewhere in their business. According to a survey by the National Council of Free Software the pure players of open source are resolutely optimistic for 2017: +25% increase in the projected workforce and a turnover that would increase six times faster than in the entire digital sector. (cf CNLL Annual Survey Results).

The benefits of open source for community software are numerous:

  • Free access speeds up dissemination.

  • Transparency is reassuring.

  • The egalitarian spirit of most projects means that end users have more direct access to developers than registered users generally have to proprietary developers.

  • Open source projects can develop for minority languages whose potential users are too few for them ever to be a profitable market.

  • A developer is someone who creates and takes pride in a job well done.

  • Provide a technical community interacting with an artistic environment

Some technologies used

Consisting of the very popular React / Redux for the frontend and Node.js, Express and MongoDB for the backend, the MERN stack is one of the most popular technologies for building a modern one-page application.

We are focused on using both modern and proven technologies to provide the best experience for our users. Here are some of the technologies we use to create OpenJam.

Legal entities and Main partners

techmedev sàrl

The OpenJam team is integrated in techmedev sàrl, a Luxembourg company created in November 2017 (with its subsidiary Ibox Team sprl). This structure has already developed, with brands active in the field of communication (FG, TRANSFER, ...), artists and various partners, some transmedia approaches.

Over the past year, the company has also developed a good network in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

Considering the importance of the projects developed around OpenJam, it will now focus exclusively on the objectives resulting from it. Its shareholding will be open to the original creators of OpenJam, as well as to Antoine Baduel, CEO of FG and possibly to artists closely interested in our projects.

It is also the company that will engage the necessary resources for development: employees, freelancers, partners... A significant expansion is planned from January 2019.

All transactions will be carried out by legal entities in full compliance with the regulations in use in Luxembourg and Belgium ( statutes, accounting, transparency, etc.). It is also suggested that observers and Commissioners be designated as appropriate. Moreover, if our efforts to negotiate an efficient legal framework for the ICO and crypto-assets model are not succeeding, then steps could be started in Estonia, either still within the European Union and still maintaining other existing entities.

To date, the company has assumed the vast majority of the costs associated with project development. New financing modes are now being sought.

OpenJam origin team and spirit

OpenJam is a project started with Philippe Matray et Stanislas Poindrelle. They deeply believe that with the support of a community it is possible to realize big projects that change the world like Wikipedia, Firefox or the Apache HTTP Server that runs 46% of the world’s web.

These different projects have a technological and social impact. Remember the world of Encarta’s time and the tiny amount of information you could find in relation to Wikipedia.

In 20 years the world could be a very different place from what it is now. Will there be more music on our streets? Will musical collaborations cross borders and cultures? Will musicians be able to live decently from their art? OpenJam provides solutions to these problems and believes in a culturally richer world.

OpenJam will set up incentives to accelerate the development of the features most expected by the community. UserVoice will be used to collect feedback. For OpenJam open source is a strategic foundation of our company and a lever for accelerating the development of our products. We will regularly participate in technical conferences abroad as speakers to share our experience of open source and promote our products.

Later, we will create a new standard: WebVST. A standardized VST format for the web based on WebAssembly and WebAudio APIs. It will be compatible with all web sequencers, OpenJam Studio being the first one.

Radio FG

Radio FG (electronic music expert since 25 years) is an actor, unique in the French radio market. Radio FG offers an original format focused on electronic music, the discovery of new musical scenes and creations. The radio has a daily audience of 318,900 listeners according to the Médiamétrie institute (September 2016 - June 2017) and more than 500.000 all formats combined.

Radio FG broadcasts its programme through 34 cities on FM and DAB+ including Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Nice, Rennes, Dijon, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand, Perpignan, Antwerp and Monaco.

Radio FG also broadcasts FG Chic, 6 web radios offering original formats available on, smartphones and tablets. Requests for extension are in progress and on track on French territory.

Distinguishing points:

  • A radio station making news, supporting events and the performing arts;

  • The cultural exception and the promotion of local musical and artistic fields;

  • FG has created and developed French touch with renowned artists and careers such as Daft Punk, Guetta, Sinclar, and more recently The Avener, Kungs, Møme, Synapson, Petit Biscuit...

  • Programming focused on quality electronic music, house, deep, lounge and classics;

  • Open-mindedness media partner.

What’s Openjam’s futur ?

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