Whitepaper V.0.9.0

Written and prepared by Philippe MATRAY, Stanislas POINDRELLE & David SCHMITZ - Septembre 2018

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OpenJam, alliance Music, Innovation & Humans


OpenJam is a newtech-powered ecosystem, developped to serve music creation, rights management, remuneration, music artists... and will be tomorrow the best ally of all the actors of the music industry.

It gives priority to musical creation, enhancement and distribution, also supported by a core for the management of workflows and transactions named "log-ion".


Our distinctive approach is built on three pillars:

  • a complete environment for music creation, collaborative work and outcome distribution, integrating the latest advanced IT implements

  • a core based on different technologies for flow management (blockchain, cloud, machine learning...) - "log-ion project"

  • an enhancement of human creation at all levels of our project


About music, that means:

  • creation drived by humans in harmony with modern tools

  • discover and highlight futur's talent

About technology: as powerful as they might be, new technologies do not yet have the capacity to regulate and create everything. The area we are considering is quite complex and sometimes made of important subtleties. To respond to these specificities, we will build a network of human authority served by technical resources. We plan to launch, if necessary, the first multi-layer network integrating humans and high -technology (Proof of Authority model).

With community, for community

We believe that transparent and open source projects can change things. We aspire to establish mutual trust with our community; our various projects are hosted on GitHub under a GPL license and everyone's proposals are encouraged whether you are a musician, label, listener or just passing through. OpenJam is created with the community, for the community.

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